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In Gary Klein’s: Seeing what others don’t: the remarkable way we gain insights I was reminded what insight is: Insight changes how we understand something - allowing us to act, think, see, feel and desire differently. Read more about insight here
In Connected by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler I learnt that ideas are spread through social networks. Read about Social Network Theory here
In Made to Stick by the Heath brothers
I learned about how to communicate better…(this is a great book – you’ll love it)
In Change by Design by Tim Brown
I learned about Design Thinking…     
In The Diagrams Book By Kevin Duncan
I encountered Visual Thinking
Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvy et al’s The Designing for Growth Field Book
helped with putting Design Thinking into practise (which references a lot of Klein’s thinking on insight!)
If you want to go all intellectual then subscribe to Edge. Click Here
If you want a graphic designer’s perspective then follow Daniel Gray’s meanwhile. Click Here
If you want to think about work and psychology then Granted is great. Click Here
If you want to take a peak at spirituality then Krista Tippet’s On Being is worth listening to. Click Here